Your MAP to Wellness

Are you committed to making wellness a priority in your life?

Setting aside time and money for massage is an investment in your health.

Consider our Membership Advantage Program (MAP) to help you stay focused on regular self care. 

Benefits of Regular Massage
​Strengthened Immune System 
  • Distributes and stimulates the production of immune cells (white blood cells) throughout the body to help filter toxins and metabolic waste products.

  • Lymphatic circulation is improved, providing entire body with cleaner blood which enhances the bodies defenses against infection.

Enhanced Quality of Sleep
  • Stimulates Delta brainwave activity which help induce deep sleep.

Improved Flexibility & Range of Motion
  • Decreases muscle tension by increasing production of relaxation hormones.

  • Improves elasticity and flexibility of tissues connecting to joints by stimulating joint fluid production.

Reduction in Chronic Pain
  • ​Promotes tissue integrity by increasing circulation and oxygen to tissues which aid in healing.

  • Reduces inflammation and pain by increasing blood flow throughout the entire body. 

Improved Circulation
  • By improving blood flow increased amounts of oxygen are brought to the tissues improving the overall health of your tissue as well as elasticity of blood vessels.

  • Can help to lower blood pressure by reducing stress.


Improved Posture

  • Alleviating tissue restrictions allows more natural structural alignment.

  • Reduces the effects of postural patterns from overuse and repetitive stress like working at a computer screen or heavy lifting.

Membership Pricing

  • ​30 minute massage  - $40

  • 60 minute massage  - $75  

  • 75 minute massage  - $100

  • 90 minute massage  - $110

Membership Advantage Program Guidelines

  • Your credit card or bank account will be charged on the 1st of every month

  • Additional monthly massage may be received at the same discounted rate

  • Monthly massage may be transferred to a family member, significant other or friend upon request

  • 24 hour appointment cancellation notice is required or your current monthly massage appointment will be relinquished

  • If you do not schedule and receive your current monthly massage, the massage will carry over to the following month. In the carry over month, you will be able to receive two massage treatments. No more than one massage may be carried over to a consecutive month. (eg. If you do not receive your massage treatment for six consecutive months, on the seventh month you will only be eligible for two massage treatments)

  • Contract may be canceled with a 30 day notice by email at

  • No refund will be given for months of non use