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Want to save $ on your next Massage?

Memberships and packages are great ways to save money. We are frequently asked by our clients if they would be better served by purchasing a package or by joining our Membership Advantage Program as a way to make massage more affordable. Both options allow for significant savings, however each one offers slightly different benefits...the best fit for you will depend on your treatment goals.

You might prefer a Package if:

~ you are working towards a specific goal - health, sports or injury related.

~ you plan to give as a gift, the recipient chooses when and how often they would like to use.

~ you like the idea of paying up front to enjoy the savings.

~ you are working around a specific timeframe, such as an athletic competition.

You might prefer a Membership if:

~ you want massage to be a part of your wellness plan, you view it as a lifestyle choice.

~ you view massage as a preventative measure, a way to stay vibrant and healthy.

~ you like the idea of essentially receiving 2 free massages a year !!

~ you like the idea of easily being able to work massage into your budget.

~ you plan to receive massage at least once a month...additional massages are offered at the same discounted rate.

What sets our membership apart...

~ NO annual fees

~ NO "Spa Hour" - when you book an hour massage you get an hour massage ...not 50 minutes like many others

~ NO commitment, cancel at any time with 30 days notice

How Do I Join the Membership Advantage Program ?

~ Book your first appointment online or by calling 781- 826 -1100, if booking online select Membership Advantage Program for the duration of your choice and we will handle the rest when you arrive for you appointment.

Membership Pricing

​30 minute massage  - $40

60 minute massage  - $75  

75 minute massage  - $100

90 minute massage  - $110

What are the Benefits of Receiving Regular Massage?

Strengthened Immune System

- Distributes and stimulates the production of immune cells (white blood cells) throughout the body to help filter toxins and metabolic waste products.

- Lymphatic circulation is improved, providing entire body with cleaner blood which enhances the bodies defenses against infection.

Enhanced Quality of Sleep

- Stimulates Delta brainwave activity which help induce deep sleep.

Improved Flexibility & Range of Motion

- Decreases muscle tension by increasing production of relaxation hormones.

- Improves elasticity and flexibility of tissues connecting to joints by stimulating joint fluid production.

Reduction in Chronic Pain

- ​Promotes tissue integrity by increasing circulation and oxygen to tissues which aid in healing.

- Reduces inflammation and pain by increasing blood flow throughout the entire body. 

Improved Circulation

​ - By improving blood flow increased amounts of oxygen are brought to the tissues improving the overall health of your tissue as well as elasticity of blood vessels.

- Can help to lower blood pressure by reducing stress.

Improved Posture

- Alleviating tissue restrictions allows more natural structural alignment.

- Reduces the effects of postural patterns from overuse and repetitive stress like working at a computer screen or heavy lifting.


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