What People Are Saying...

June 2018       Swedish Massage        Massagebook Review by Emma F.         Therapist: Chrissy Heyl

Chrissy gave me a fantastic massage! I was very relaxed during the whole sesssion! She worked my problem area on my back. She worked all my muscles with the right care and knowledge. Everything was FANTASTIC! I will be returning and I I highly recommend Chrissy!!!

August 2018        Healing Tree Signature Massage       Google Review by Jen S.        Therapist: Denise Popp

Healing Tree... the name is so appropriate...i came out of my Healing Tree signature massage feeling like a new person. awesome atmosphere...i was so relaxed and comfortable with Denise. she is very professional and knowledgeable. I have already booked to go back and plan on making this a monthly ritual...i booked my sister for her birthday and she loved it too!

November 2018        Swedish Massage        Massagebook Review by Tracy G.        Therapist: Chrissy Heyl


Chrissy is the best massage therapist I’ve ever had. The first time I knew that I had found someone who was going to help me. By the third session she was zoned in on my problem areas and was able to fix a major issue I had been feeling in my hip and leg. Great combination of gentle soothing hands and properly applied pressure to get those knots taken care of. Can’t wait to go back again - and sending all my loved ones to experience such a great #selfcare treat.

August 2018        Deep Tissue/Integrated        Massagebook review by Anonymous        Therapist: Denise Popp

Denise is amazing! Highly recommend her. Her massages have helped me recover from a back injury and prep for an upcoming CrossFit competition.

June 2018        Healing Tree Signature Massage        Massagebook Review by Tina M.        Therapist: Chrissy Heyl

Chrissy took the time to listen and focus in on the areas that needed healing. She does a great job modulating pressure to gently release knots in my shoulders and calves.

July 2018        Swedish Massage        Google Review by Karen M.        Therapist: Denise Popp

Had a great massage that focused on my neck and upper back where I carry a lot of tension. Denise was able to get a lot of the knots out and I felt so much better when she was finished. She's very knowledgeable and even sent me home with some exercises to improve my posture and keep things loose. I'll definitely return and highly recommend Healing Tree.

July 2018        Deep Tissue/Integrated        Google Review by Krissy O.        Therapist: Chrissy Heyl

The swedish/deep tissue massage I received from Chrissy Heyl was one of the best I’ve experienced. She was professional, asked me a number of times for feedback on pressure and comfort, and was attentive to areas where I had severe tightness. The heating pads provided at the beginning of the massage helped loosen up my back and relax my muscles. I would highly recommend visiting Healing Tree Massage and ask for Chrissy - you won’t be disappointed!

June 2018        Deep Tissue/Integrated        Google Review by Gini J.         Therapist: Denise Popp

Best massage ever!! Very friendly  & professional!!!!